Category: "Large systems"

Integrated system of best of breed?

Technology, Large systems Send feedback »  3042 views
There's a move currently to pull everything a manager or employee might need for HR, recruitment, training, talent management etc into a single, integrated system. Yet, at the same time, there are providers (eg. Sonar6) who are providing specialist,… more »

Questions to ask your LMS vendors

Learning, Technology, Large systems 8 feedbacks »  7039 views
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Learning Management Systems on the market. Most, if not all, come from the position that learning interventions are to be managed in a top-down manner; employees will learn when the management direct them to do so.… more »

The LMS must die

Technology, Content Management, Large systems 10 feedbacks »  8250 views
The LMS (or Learning Management System) has been around for a while now. They are usually deployed into large organisations who need to be able to deploy lots of learning materials to lots of people, whilst controlling access, and recording use.The t… more »

Sustainable software

Technology, Context, Management & Implementation, Large systems 1 feedback »  4621 views
All my working life I have setup software systems for people. That might mean writing code, but more often it means configuring applications and tweaking existing code to meet client requirements. I enjoy the challenge of working out what system is re… more »

Aggregated health records - who do we trust?

Large systems 4 feedbacks »  2896 views
Through recent events I've become acutely aware of how completely disorganised is the National Health Service's methods of keeping patient records. Every GP (general practitioner), hospital, consultant, dentist, physiotherapist, geriatric unit, and occup… more »
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