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Channel shift in your local school

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You'd think the following would be priorities for a school: Saving paper and printing costs Ensuring that parents and students are able to find out information about school activities quickly and easily Yet, my local school at least, still… more »

Exporting all your b2evolution posts

Content Management Systems 2 feedbacks »  5478 views
I'm going through the process of looking through all my old posts, to see if I can make some sort of coherent resource (perhaps even a book!) out of them.I wanted to put them all into a Google Doc where I could pull the text around. I started off jus… more »

Googlemail, spam and website management

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If you manage websites that contain contact forms of any description, be careful what you set the reply-to address as. I now use Googlemail as my primary email address. So I thought I'd set my blog software to use that as the address it sends emails f… more »

Top 10 Tools

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The following is an update to my top 10 tools, as listed at: Caveat: My role changes rapidly depending very much on the project(s) I'm working on. This set of tools reflects the one I'm using most… more »
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