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Pain-free user experience

Technology, Support 1 feedback »  3807 views
To minimise support calls and maximise usage, we must focus on designing around the user. That's true whether you're a learning intervention designer (including online, print and face-to-face), or whether you're a learning systems designer. A great… more »

Working efficiently: Word processing

Technology, Schools, Support 1 feedback »  4683 views
Some hints and tips to help save time whenever you are using a word-processor (like MS Word or OpenOffice) or a desktop publisher (like Serif's PagePlus or Apple's Pages). If your document is longer than a single page then use "styles". These are… more »

The art of user support

Support 2 feedbacks »  4339 views
When I source websites and tools for people, my primary focus is on providing excellent user support. If my clients aren't confident that they will get help at their point of need, then they will not use the systems I'm providing. The more use they get o… more »
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