Category: "Continuing Professional Development"

ALT-C conference - remote access details

Continuing Professional Development Send feedback »  4328 views
The 2011 ALT Conference will start in earnest on Tuesday 6 September. For an overview of the conference go to The contents of this message are also on the ALT web site at… more »

A Chartered Institute for Teaching?

Schools, Teacher CPD, Continuing Professional Development 10 feedbacks »  2300 views
In the last week, I've spent a fair bit of time talking with colleagues from the education sector. One of the topics of discussion was teacher professional development, and how we might encourage teachers to take more responsibility for their own lear… more »

A model for continuing professional development

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Over the past few years, I have gained enormously by listening to, and engaging with a number of communities of practice; within teaching, higher education and workplace training. Existing on the boundaries of these communities has allowed me to bri… more »
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