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Revolution, not Evolution?

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Don Ledingham is kicking off his new job in style. He's recently become (Acting )Director of Education and Children’s Services for East Lothian Council. His 33 ideas for the secondary school curriculum are, each one, pushing a learner-centred, flexible,… more »

Communication & collaboration in the 21st Century

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In preparation for a workshop I'm running on Friday, I've created a set of concept maps. They're are designed to be used in a facilitated manner, so they don't really standalone, except as a resource to be used after the workshop. It's all about choic… more »

Education for a 21st Century society

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There seems to be a fair bit of talk at the moment about how we should / could change our education systems to more closely match the needs of modern society. Will Richardson is wondering whether change can only come about in our lifetimes by starting… more »

RBCs and classroom practice

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I spent some time last week with one of England's Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC). There are ten of these "consortia of LEAs that provide internet services, broadband infrastructure and content for LEAs and schools in their regions" (from E2BN).… more »

Death of the one hit wonder?

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T ∝ nI In words: the amount of Time you spend in dialogue is proportional to the number of people involved x the Importance of changes occuring. Let's take four examples where change is a desired outcome: A local authority (US: Distric… more »

Systemic change in education - it's happening

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via Graham Atwell. The Independent newspaper (a UK broadsheet) has reported that Knowsley council on Mersyside is completely restructing it's secondary (post 11) education. It seems to closely mirror the systemic change that Angela McFarlane propos… more »

RSS, Blogs and other stuff in corporate learning and development

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I ran a couple of workshop sessions yesterday, looking at the role that RSS & Blogs in particular can play in corporate learning & development. The first one ran pretty much to plan, and seemed to go down well. The second, however, with a much… more »

teemu arina - informal supported by formal learning

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Picked this up from Jay Cross. Most organisations approach informal learning by looking at how it can support formal learning (courses etc). Teemu Arina has taken the opposite viewpoint and put informal learning at the centre. But... most organisation… more »

A head of education that gets it...

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I've just come across Don Ledingham. He's Head of Education for East Lothian council (that's East of Edinburgh - I've just checked). The thing that's special about Don as opposed to pretty much every Head or Director of Education (as far as I know), i… more »

Marketing & Education

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Kathy Sierra brings together her thoughts on why Educationalists and Marketers are (or should be) very closely linked. She looks at the marketing theory & practice that teachers could use, and the learning theory & practice that marketers coul… more »
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