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Planning for scale

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How easy is it for your organisation to scale its activities up (or down)? As you add new customers, what will be the impact on you? Does each new customer come with a massive overhead, or can you add them in with little additional effort? You nee… more »

Preparation for eLearning Network workshop

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On 23rd March, along with @bbetts @lauraoverton & @JulieWedgwood, I'll be running one of a series of workshops taking a fresh look at elearning. The notes below are designed to help participants prepare for my workshop. It will be very hands on a… more »

Engaging the unwilling learner - video

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The video below is from the workshop I did at this year's Learning Technologies conference. Go to the conference video page cript type='text/javascript'>Shadowbox.init();Engaging the unwilling learnerMark Berthelemy, IT Solutions Architect,… more »

#lt12uk conference presentation: Engaging the unwilling learner

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You'll have to come to the conference workshop Gareth Williams and I are leading if you want to really dig into this topic. But here are some of the key points and questions to get us thinking: The problem However important we think our learning i… more »

Internal communication - past repair?

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Our internal communications processes are broken. Email memos sent down from on high very rarely get cascaded to everyone that should see them. The people on the ground don't believe anyone is listening to them. Information on corporate intranets is… more »

IT Toolkit for a Learning Organisation

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At the recent Learning Live conference, organised by the Learning & Performance Institute, I ran a workshop entitled: "An IT Toolkit for a Learning Organisation". From my perspective, inside a large organisation that delivers a full range of lear… more »

System adoption methodology

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Many systems are introduced into organisations, yet fail to realise significant benefits because people in the organisation either choose not to use the system, or do not use it most effectively. Most of the accepted work on adoption of innovations has… more »

Flipping the classroom

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There's a lot of thought flying around the web at the moment about the concept of "flipping the classroom" - using the internet to provide pre-classroom lectures and the classroom to embed that knowledge through exercises, coaching and discussion. Key… more »

The LMS as a marketing tool

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The LMS as a marketing tool
The model of learning and development provision, up till now, has generally been a "Push" approach. Learners get told by the managers, or compliance, or whoever, that they should do a particular course (whether face-to-face or elearning). As we move to… more »

System rollouts and effective networked communication

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Last week, Charles Jennings wrote an important analysis of the state of training and the need for more "performance support" initiatives. It raised a fair bit of discussion. Focussing on new system rollouts for the time-being, here's my take on wh… more »
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