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Getting more from your LMS

Technology, Content Management 5 feedbacks »  3239 views
A lot of people, including me(!), disparage the LMS (Learning Management System) quite vociferously. To be honest, the problem we have is often not the fault of the system, it's how it's used in conjunction with other systems. LMS's are brilliant… more »

Getting started with intranets

Knowledge Management, Content Management Send feedback »  2208 views
Matt Jukes is investigating possibilities for his organisation's intranet on his blog. There are some good ideas in the comments - including that of using Plone, which I wouldn't have considered (but that's probably because I can't get my head around… more »

The demise of global conversation

Not yet categorised, Knowledge Management 2 feedbacks »  2780 views
Reading Ewan Macintosh's recent post about time zones killing real global thinking, I realised why some of my posts seem to "take off", while others die quietly. (And, no, I don't think all my posts are equal in quality. It's just that some of the ones I… more »

Free Our Content

Content Management Send feedback »  3711 views
As I wrote earlier today and also back in 2008, I believe that Learning Management Systems are not the place to be locking away content.To get the full return on investment, content should be placed somewhere that search engines (whether internal or… more »

The LMS must die

Technology, Content Management, Large systems 10 feedbacks »  8260 views
The LMS (or Learning Management System) has been around for a while now. They are usually deployed into large organisations who need to be able to deploy lots of learning materials to lots of people, whilst controlling access, and recording use.The t… more »

Getting the message across

Knowledge Management, Networks, Social Networks, Learning Ecosystem 1 feedback »  1699 views
Until fairly recently, organisations have relied on a hierarchical approach to communication. The message cascades down through the layers until it hits the bottom. We know that this message usually gets diluted, so we come up with strategies to help, li… more »

Internal communication - learning from the web

Knowledge Management 1 feedback »  2278 views
Good content is great. But good content that no-one ever sees is worthless.That's the case with many corporate intranets; pages and pages of stuff that someone thinks is useful or important, but often the messages contained in them just don't get out… more »

SCORM warning

Technology, Designing Online Courses, Content Management 7 feedbacks »  13678 views
Often a potential client will specify that they want their elearning to be "SCORM compliant". When asked why they want this, and to what level of compliance, they often find it difficult to answer. What is SCORM? SCORM stands for Shareable Content… more »

Communication & collaboration in the 21st Century

Technology, Knowledge Management, Topic Maps, Change Management Send feedback »  4179 views
In preparation for a workshop I'm running on Friday, I've created a set of concept maps. They're are designed to be used in a facilitated manner, so they don't really standalone, except as a resource to be used after the workshop. It's all about choic… more »

Looking for a Learner Support System

Technology, Content Management 7 feedbacks »  3821 views
For a long time I've been looking for my ideal Learner Support System. It may well exist in the guise of an "Enterprise" system - but I want one that I can understand. Here's what it needs to do: It needs to be as simple to install and upgrade as… more »
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