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"Developing a learning ecosystem" - Google's Sudhir Giri at ALT-C 2010

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I saw Sudhir at an earlier conference last year, where he covered how Google is exploring new ways of supporting learning internally. The video below is basically the same talk, but from the ALT-C conference. Two key things that came out for me:… more »

A corporate learning ecosystem

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Some more thinking on the place of learning management systems within a corporate learning ecosystem.The slides below start from the point of view of the learner, and their motivations for learning. We must understand what will drive learners to our… more »

Getting the message across

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Until fairly recently, organisations have relied on a hierarchical approach to communication. The message cascades down through the layers until it hits the bottom. We know that this message usually gets diluted, so we come up with strategies to help, li… more »

Reflections on Learning Technologies 2010 #LT10uk

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This was my second year at the Learning Technologies conference in London. I had the privilege of working with Patrick Dunn (who is leading the creative network which is The Difference Engine) to run a workshop session on Learning Ecosystems. It seemed t… more »

Learning Ecosystems Handout

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Here's the handout from our workshop at the Learning Technologies 2010 conference.Learning Ecosystems Handout more »

Communities of practice and learning ecosystems

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To be honest, there's probably very little difference between my description of a learning ecosystem and Etienne Wenger's definition of a Community of Practice:Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something… more »

Youtube as a learning ecosystem

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Three examples of people sharing knowledge, giving and gaining feedback and gaining kudos (perhaps): more »

Definition of a learning ecosystem

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The term "learning ecosystem" seems to be popping up every couple of weeks at the moment. Now that may be because I'm leading a session on it at the Learning Technologies conference. So I'm just noticing it more. But it's not a term that I'd really come… more »
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