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Are you going to Be Bettr?

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Are you going to Be Bettr?
If you need something more informal, and slightly more "on-the-edge" than BETT or Learning Technologies, then you might be interested in Be Bettr - a conference about "hacking education" on 14th January 2011 at Conway Hall, London.Bettr is a conferen… more »

Questions to ask your LMS vendors

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Learning Management Systems on the market. Most, if not all, come from the position that learning interventions are to be managed in a top-down manner; employees will learn when the management direct them to do so.… more »

How web video powers global innovation

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Chris Anderson discusses how learning is changing through the use of web video. Key points: The size of the crowd watching has a direct impact on the level of innovation exhibited By giving away what you think, you fuel the ability to improve… more »

Picking apart the marketing hype

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In a recent advert for a forthcoming tradeshow, I read:"... the most cost-effective way to keep yourself up-to-speed with the rapidly changing world of organisational learning and learning technology." Well, apart from the fact that most of what… more »

Choices in learning design

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What follows is an update of a post I wrote back in 2005 about what to consider when designing learning programmes.As "Learning Designers", once we've asked the right questions at the outset of the project, we need to get down to the iterative proces… more »

Don't lecture me - Donald Clark ALT-C 2010 keynote

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[youtube]Tbl-xXF8NPY[/youtube] more »

Three steps to increase the impact of your online learning content

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We spend days and weeks analysing audience needs & business requirements. We carefully craft our materials so they're engaging and follow best practice in materials design. Our developers create code that is standards compliant and accessible. In… more »

Project Initiation Questions

Designing Online Courses, Context, Management & Implementation, Large scale programmes 1 feedback »  6079 views
In my experience, and those of others I talk to, a lot of training projects and programmes flounder simply because the right questions were not asked at the beginning.The list of questions below is not exhaustive, but covers the main areas that you w… more »

Why would anyone want to buy IT training?

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There are two types of IT training: What can I do with this software? How do I get this software to do what I want?Now, if the software is well-designed, has context-sensitive help embedded within it, and a good, user-focussed, reference gu… more »

"We could change everything"

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Sugata Mitra, on typically inspiring form, demonstrates what can be achieved by providing motivated children access to content and people.Some of the results appear almost miraculous. They are discussed in detail in his recent BJET paper: Limits to s… more »
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