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The Learning Explosion

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Great video from Nigel Paine, produced by GoodPractice, focussing on how learning will become central to organisational effectiveness. But, for that to happen, our whole thinking about the "learning" function needs to change. It's not about knowledge… more »

Self-driven professional development

Learning, Schools Send feedback »  3254 views
I'm really pleased to see what's happening amongst the teaching community in the UK and around the world. Teachers are starting to take control of their own professional development. This is a great step forward for a profession that has been syst… more »

Starting out in online learning

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  Beginner Experienced Online environment     Supporting learning     more »

The Mobile LMS

Learning, Mobile Send feedback »  2052 views
Looking around the LMS marketplace, there are lots of providers who will let you get to elearning content on your mobile device. But I'm looking for something more like the Amazon or Ebay apps, which let you interact with the application. For example,… more »

IT Toolkit for a Learning Organisation

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At the recent Learning Live conference, organised by the Learning & Performance Institute, I ran a workshop entitled: "An IT Toolkit for a Learning Organisation". From my perspective, inside a large organisation that delivers a full range of lear… more »

Elearning learning

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You may have noticed the little badge on the right of this blog that says I'm one of's featured writers. Elearning Learning brings together content from leading experts and companies like the Adobe Captivate Blog, Clark Quinn, … more »

Twitter as your main learning tool? I still don't get it

Learning to learn, Social media 9 feedbacks »  4784 views
For two years now, Jane Hart's collation of the Top 100 Tools for Learning has had Twitter in the number 1 spot.  And any number of "learning technology" people will tell you it's their most important tool. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I just don… more »

Reflections on some deep questions about L&D

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I came out of learning technologies event today (at the extraordinary Kensington Roof Gardens - a wonderful venue!) with a lot of questions rattling around in my head. I hoping that some of the people that read this blog might be able to help me forw… more »

Learning made easy?

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A while back I received a T-shirt as part of a promotion for a new IT training service. It's not a bad T-shirt at all; quite comfortable and easy to wear. But wearing it in public makes me feel rather uneasy, as the words on it run counter to what I… more »

Technology in the training room - no thanks!

Learning, Technology 5 feedbacks »  4795 views
There's a lot of talk in L&D teams these days about using mobile technology (usually tablets) in the training room. It's similar to the discussions schools had (or in most cases didn't have!) when the last government's Interactive WhiteBoard funding… more »
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