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GrayHarriman elearning resources

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Looks like this could be a useful site. more »

LOCKSS Program Home

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An interesting p2p system that means you still keep your own copy of stuff. "...let us save what remains: not by vaults and locks which fence them from the public eye and use in consigning them to the waste of time, but by such a multiplication of cop… more »

soulsoup » Blog Archive » (My) 7 guidelines for effective corporate e Learning Blog, e-learning, elearning, elearning blog, e-learning, learning design, learning strategy, learning experience design, e-learning singapore, elearning singapore

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This article provides a useful set of guidelines. Here are some quotes: On collaboration... How do we establish a culture of knowledge sharing and a collaborative learning-working environment in an organization? The technology is here - both for sy… more »

Social Networking Systems: History, Critique, and Knowledge Management Potentials

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A very useful critique of the current state of social networking systems. The profusion of SNS sites and applications that have appeared in the past few years demonstrates a palpable interest in social networking applications by virtue of user demand… more »

Change of name

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I've changed the name of this blog to a) make it clearer who's writing, and b) reflect the way I hope to use it - ie. to make connections between disparate bits of knowledge. more »

Internet Time Blog: F-Learning

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From my vantage point, training professionals are opening up to fresh thinking. Not that this is new, but the future holds: * Targeting business objectives, not training activity measures. * A renaissance of performance support, this time… more »

Parkin's Lot: Is E-Learning Missing the Point?

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While every corporate university needs its library of knowledge and self-paced courses, it can actively add huge value by embracing the power of the web as a catalyst for knowledge-cultivation, making every employee both a coach and a learner, continuous… more »

I have a dream....

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I have a dream... (delusions of grandeur raising their ugly head here) of a learning environment where all people are equal. There is no difference between the rights of teachers and those of learners. Anyone can draw people in to their "group" to work o… more »

KEEP Toolkit

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The KEEP Toolkit is a set of web-based tools that help teachers, students and institutions quickly create compact and engaging knowledge representations on the Web. With the KEEP Toolkit you can: * select and organize teaching and learning materia… more »

Introduction to FREESCIENCE

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Allows any researcher to share his scientific papers (as well as notes, data and designs draws, ecc...) into a P2P OAI-PMH compliant network, by mean of which your works will be instantly available to hundred of thousands researchers worldwide. You can a… more »
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