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Comment from: Ara Ohanian [Visitor]
Ara Ohanian

Mark, thanks for your reflections which are a great lodestone for people designing training materials. There is one extra point which you don’t mention explicitly but which touches all three characteristics: e-learning should have a purpose. I’m not being trivial when I make this point. What I mean is that real learning engagement is helped by good physical and learning design but the most important contributor to learning engagement is that people see a reason for learning stuff. To an extent that is out of the designer’s hands but it does remind us that learning does not exist by itself but in the context of work and in the context of manager intervention and support.

15/11/12 @ 09:58
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Absolutely Ara!

Too often designers are brought in too late to influence this. You’d hope that somewhere in the decision-making process someone had thought through whether elearning was the best way forward, but it doesn’t always happen!

If people don’t see the purpose in the learning materials, and what’s in it for them, then it makes the implementation process incredibly difficult!

15/11/12 @ 12:13
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