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My elevator pitch

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Elevator pitch: ... a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition. The name "elevator pitch" reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an… more »

Reflections on Learning Technologies 2012

Presentations & Workshops, Learning & Skills Group 5 feedbacks »  3761 views
#lt12uk This year, I was only able to attend the Learning Technologies conference for one day. Previous learning technology-related conferences that I've attended (not just Learning Technologies) have suffered from one major problem: They have not… more »

Campaign for Effective Elearning

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#c4ee For a long time I have bewailed the poor quality of many of the elearning interventions that are used within the workplace. There are very few examples that I can honestly say would really make a difference - and by that I mean have a lasting i… more »

#lt12uk conference presentation: Engaging the unwilling learner

Learning, Context, Management & Implementation, Presentations & Workshops 2 feedbacks »  4563 views
You'll have to come to the conference workshop Gareth Williams and I are leading if you want to really dig into this topic. But here are some of the key points and questions to get us thinking: The problem However important we think our learning i… more »

Blogging and learning

Schools, Social media Send feedback »  1815 views
Writing down what I am thinking about is one of the most valuable ways to crystallise my thoughts and reflect on my learning. Writing it down on a public blog allows me to get feedback which then feeds into further thinking and reflection. Personally,… more »

Embedding learning in work

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It's the "holy grail" of workplace learning professionals - for their interventions with individuals to have a direct impact on the organisation as a whole. All the time that learning is seen as something that's separate to work, that link is… more »

Computing and ICT in schools

Open Source, Schools Send feedback »  3463 views
I'm part of the generation of people that had to teach ourselves how to use computers. The classrooms had machines like the BBC Micro, and RM 380Z, with very little software (if any), and few teachers that had a clue what to do with them. Similarly our… more »

Standardisation versus Innovation

Technology Send feedback »  3193 views
As businesses scale-up their operations they have to standardise on things like technology platforms and processes. But where does that leave innovation - which is essential for companies to maintain their competitive edge? Standardisation is all… more »

Highly cost effective video-based learning

Learning, Social media, Video 5 feedbacks »  2816 views
You've identified a learning need. Let's say you need people to know the best way to use a particular piece of equipment. In this case, there is only one way to use it, and the aim is to save people time rather than get them to understand the… more »

Who's brand are you building?

Social media 2 feedbacks »  1453 views
If you self-publish, whether on a blog, a Youtube channel, on Twitter or even books and ebooks, then who owns the brand that you're building? You, or the organisation you're associated with? The BBC and Phonedog have recently had to address this, wit… more »
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