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Ebooks and libraries

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I've started using Derbyshire County Council's ebook loan service recently. Once you get past the initial setup stage (which really is too convoluted for the general user), it works very well. The only problem is the extremely limited range of books… more »

If you're asking "Why?"

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There are times when I wonder about the whole purpose and rationale of the work I do. Where does it fit into the grand scheme of things? What real benefit am I bringing to humanity? Big questions. Often, they're very hard to answer. Especially when… more »

Note about the Android Marketplace

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One of the comments I made in my previous post, was about the Android Marketplace being a mess. I've since had a conversation with a colleague who has far greater experience of Android than I have. It's not that the Marketplace is a mess, it's more a… more »

Mobile content delivery 2

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This is a follow up to an earlier post on Mobile Content Delivery, where I looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods available. I've been digging a bit further into what's available to help you get your content into mobile d… more »

Membership organisations - are they past their sell-by date?

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@CraigTaylor74 suggested I write this article, following a brief twitter conversation, during which I stated that I was unlikely to join the ELearning Network or any other paid-for membership organisation.   What I'm going to say below may be… more »

The Learning Explosion

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Great video from Nigel Paine, produced by GoodPractice, focussing on how learning will become central to organisational effectiveness. But, for that to happen, our whole thinking about the "learning" function needs to change. It's not about knowledge… more »

Corporate IT versus SAAS : an unequal contest

Technology, Information systems Send feedback »  1428 views
Corporate IT in many organisations is in a difficult position at the moment; squeezed between its users with ever-increasing expectations, and between shareholders who want even more value for money. And then along come the Software As A Service (SA… more »

Self-driven professional development

Learning, Schools Send feedback »  3249 views
I'm really pleased to see what's happening amongst the teaching community in the UK and around the world. Teachers are starting to take control of their own professional development. This is a great step forward for a profession that has been syst… more »
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