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Mobile content delivery

Mobile Send feedback »  3324 views
I've been looking at options for creating and delivering content to mobile devices (phones, tablets etc). There are a number of possibilities: via a website, formatted for mobile viewing as a downloadable pdf as an ebook as a native app… more »

Starting out in online learning

Learning, Designing Online Courses Send feedback »  2139 views
  Beginner Experienced Online environment     Supporting learning     more »

Moodle in the corporate sector

Moodle 2 feedbacks »  4022 views
I’m a big fan of Moodle, and have been since it was first released. At the time, I was working as a consultant, going into schools and supporting their implementation of a particular “learning platform”. When Moodle was released it became increasingly… more »

Integrated system of best of breed?

Technology, Large systems Send feedback »  3055 views
There's a move currently to pull everything a manager or employee might need for HR, recruitment, training, talent management etc into a single, integrated system. Yet, at the same time, there are providers (eg. Sonar6) who are providing specialist,… more »

Channel shift in your local school

Technology, Schools, Content Management Systems Send feedback »  3934 views
You'd think the following would be priorities for a school: Saving paper and printing costs Ensuring that parents and students are able to find out information about school activities quickly and easily Yet, my local school at least, still… more »

What would your Senior Management say to this?

Social media 2 feedbacks »  1935 views
If you were able to put this in front of your senior management team, how do you think they would react? It's an interview with the CEO of Deloitte Australia - talking about the real, measurable benefits they've seen since Yammer become a central part… more »

Is your home network safe?

Technology Send feedback »  1478 views
Many of us work from home and use the internet on a daily basis. Just as in a city, the internet has some places that are good to be, and others that are not so good. The difference though is that, on the internet, you can be sent to one of those dodgy… more »

Cloud systems - security questions

Technology Send feedback »  1996 views
Both Donald Clark and Kate Graham have recently identified some resistance to moving towards cloud-based software. The advantages, as outlined by Donald, are compelling, but there's a huge question around security. When you put software inside you… more »

A beginner's guide to using the internet safely

Technology, Social media Send feedback »  5181 views
What advice around internet safety would you give to someone who is relatively new to using the internet, or social media in particular? Here's my starter for ten, followed by a link to some official advice: People aren't always who they say they… more »
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