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Reflections on some deep questions about L&D

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I came out of learning technologies event today (at the extraordinary Kensington Roof Gardens - a wonderful venue!) with a lot of questions rattling around in my head. I hoping that some of the people that read this blog might be able to help me forw… more »

Social media @ work

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This is a great little video from Red Sky Vision. Social Media @ Work from Red Sky Vision on Vimeo. From the blurb: There is disconnect between how immersed and digitally connected employees are outside of the workplace, and how their internal… more »

Rail passengers - claim what you're entitled to!

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About twice a week at the moment, I'm to be found travelling on East Midlands Trains between Derby and London. Usually it's a pretty good service, but occasionally things go wrong and my journey gets delayed. That's fine - these things happen. What I… more »

Reflections on Prince2 training

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As you'll know from my previous post, I've spent the last week on a rather intensive Prince2® training course. It was an interesting experience... It was the first time I've done a course that was solely focussed on the exam at the end of it… more »

Learning made easy?

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A while back I received a T-shirt as part of a promotion for a new IT training service. It's not a bad T-shirt at all; quite comfortable and easy to wear. But wearing it in public makes me feel rather uneasy, as the words on it run counter to what I… more »

Fusion Universal sponsors the Big Issue London to Paris Bike Ride

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Fusion Universal sponsors the Big Issue London to Paris Bike Ride
The people at Fusion Universal - one of the most innovative online learning companies I know, have kindly sponsored me for the Big Issue London to Paris Bike Ride. If you or your company would like to add to the sponsorship fund, please go to the sec… more »

Technology in the training room - no thanks!

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There's a lot of talk in L&D teams these days about using mobile technology (usually tablets) in the training room. It's similar to the discussions schools had (or in most cases didn't have!) when the last government's Interactive WhiteBoard funding… more »
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