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Xyleme Voices podcast: Getting the most from your LMS

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I had the privilege recently of making a podcast with the team from Xyleme Voices. From the podcast blurb: Mark ... makes the case that companies are spending thousands of dollars on creating training content but they are locking it away in their Le… more »

Being Creative in a Digital World - follow up 2

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I had the privilege of running another "Being Creative in a Digital World" online workshop this morning. Like last time, we used Webex, and again followed (roughly!) the structure outlined here. The conversation ranged widely - with only four peop… more »

Raising money for the Big Issue Foundation

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Raising money for the Big Issue Foundation
Donate via the secure fundraising page If you weren't aware of this already, later this year I shall be doing a 230 mile bike ride from London to Paris in aid of the Big Issue Foundation (an established UK-based organisation that helps homeless people… more »

Flipping the classroom

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There's a lot of thought flying around the web at the moment about the concept of "flipping the classroom" - using the internet to provide pre-classroom lectures and the classroom to embed that knowledge through exercises, coaching and discussion. Key… more »

The LMS as a marketing tool

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The LMS as a marketing tool
The model of learning and development provision, up till now, has generally been a "Push" approach. Learners get told by the managers, or compliance, or whoever, that they should do a particular course (whether face-to-face or elearning). As we move to… more »

Why search is critical

Connected Learning Environment 2 feedbacks »  1370 views
Having a good search engine is a key component to any content-rich learning strategy. It's important for your learners, as searching is the main place people start these days when they want to find out something. Providing a page that pulls together… more »

Arguing for consistent LMS platform APIs

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“If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem starts to look like a nail.” Maslow L&D Departments need a toolkit that can support a wider range of learning activities than most L&D departments are currently concerned with. Some of the… more »
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