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Comment from: peter burgess [Visitor]  
peter burgess

At GCSEPod we’ve created a ‘flipped’ solution of 2500 5 min chapters to watch live or download to Apple/Android/Blackberry/PC/Mac devices contact peter.burgess@gcsepod.co.uk for a trial

11/10/11 @ 10:13
Comment from: Martin Berger [Visitor]
Martin Berger

I’m a HUGE fan of the Khan Academy! It has helped me sooooo much with both my AP Bio and my Precalc. I have a sister who is also using these videos to learn things her teacher doesn’t explain that well to her class. IT has helped boost her from a not so great sudent at the beginning of this year to one of the top of her class. I would LOVE to see this concept incorperated all across the nation. Again, thanks Khan, you’re my hero.

14/04/13 @ 00:06
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