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Comment from: Maryn Badenhorst [Visitor]
Maryn Badenhorst

These points are important to consider. The financial investment and cultural attachment to the safety of ‘the way we’ve always done things around here’ are strong blocks in the way of true change. It is great that we are talking about these issues, so as to get more people on board until we reach the critical mass where change is driven by the masses. Until then we are stuck with the ‘Wet monkey theory’…and I for one don’t like wet monkeys! ;) (Wet monkey theory: http://unreasonablefaith.com/2009/08/05/wet-monkey-theory/)

20/03/11 @ 12:38
Comment from: peter burgess [Visitor]  
peter burgess

At GCSEPod we’ve created a ‘flipped’ solution of 2500 5 min chapters to watch live or download to Apple/Android/Blackberry/PC/Mac devices contact peter.burgess@gcsepod.co.uk for a trial

11/10/11 @ 10:13
Comment from: Martin Berger [Visitor]
Martin Berger

I’m a HUGE fan of the Khan Academy! It has helped me sooooo much with both my AP Bio and my Precalc. I have a sister who is also using these videos to learn things her teacher doesn’t explain that well to her class. IT has helped boost her from a not so great sudent at the beginning of this year to one of the top of her class. I would LOVE to see this concept incorperated all across the nation. Again, thanks Khan, you’re my hero.

14/04/13 @ 00:06
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