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Comment from: aldimar Brandão de Castro [Visitor]  
aldimar Brandão de Castro

Achei muito interessante o que as pesquisas apontam a respeito da aprendizagem e estou certo de que isso é verdadeiro e coerente.

[Editor’s note: Google translate says this means: “I found it very interesting that the studies show about learning and I am sure that is true and consistent."]

20/04/12 @ 00:30
Comment from: Stephen White [Visitor]
Stephen White

I agree the 70:30:10 model is useful to highlight the way people really do learn. Its what many of us already know and the ongoing move to JIT learning, modularisation of content etc. show that many people do get it. I guess we need a new “Brand” every now and then to keep the pressure on!

18/02/13 @ 09:00
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