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Comment from: Laura Layton-James [Visitor]  
Laura Layton-James

Creative thinking at it’s best. The very same thoughts were going through my head this week when it was a distinct possibility that neither tutor nor delegates may be able to get to the same venue for the two day workshop. The course was already part of a blend including online activities and our delegates would have been familiar with WebEx. The challenge would have been burning the midnight oil to decide on the running of the two days virtually. It’s a shame it takes extreme weather conditions for people to think more creatively but it might be the push needed.
It turned out that the plan b wasn’t required but I was secretly disappointed

03/12/10 @ 15:35
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Thanks for the comment Laura.

To be honest, much of what we do face-to-face could quite easily be done much more cost-effectively using tools like Webex.

We really need to think about what the real benefits of face-to-face are, and then use it for those. I’m thinking about interactivity; immediate, visual feedback; problem-solving - stuff that is much easier to do in a f2f environment.

Hmmm… I can feel another blog post coming on…

03/12/10 @ 16:34
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