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Comment from: virginia Yonkers [Visitor]
virginia Yonkers

I agree with most of what you wrote. I find that when someone picks up my blog post on twitter, I suddenly get a spike in readership.

However, it used to be (before twitter) that there was a timing issue also. An aggrigator might also list blog posts chronologically, especially if you had a number of blogs you are following. This means you might also miss out on a blog post if you didn’t check on a regular basis. Also, as an East Coast educator who does most of my reading when I first get in the office at 7:00AM, I can tell you that there is no ideal time for us to catch up on our reading. However, there are “dark times” when we won’t be on the computer or our mobile devices (2AM EST or 7AMGST).

I think what is more disturbing is the lack of conversation. I find that I am using facebook more and more. This allows for the shorter posts, but allows for one to go back and read later.

24/11/10 @ 13:32
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Hi Virgina,

I use Google Reader as my RSS aggregator. The only reason I might miss a blog post is if there are too many to read and I just tell the system to “mark all as read". Does your’s drop posts off the list automatically?

I think conversation is just going to get harder as we’re all on different networks/systems/applications. I’m not sure what the answer is to that though…

24/11/10 @ 14:55
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