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Comment from: Joe Deegan [Visitor]  
Joe Deegan

Great overview of Moodle. I think you hit a lot of the Pro’s and Cons of Moodle on the head. Have you heard of any other options besides MOOMIS that will allow you to manage site wide groups and create site wide Reports? I’ve tested MOOMIS and it doesn’t do what I was hoping for so I am wondering if you know of any other options. I have also looked into ELIS from Remote Learner but that requires you host your Moodle with them and I am not interested in that at this point.

Any advice is appreciated. I have also included a link to my review of MOOMIS for all that may be interested in learning a little more about it.

Moomis review:

08/03/10 @ 18:44
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Hi Joe,

I’m afraid MOOMIS is the only plugin I know that let’s you manage site-wide groups and reports. Creating custom reports isn’t that hard if you’re handy with PHP (so I’m told!), but I don’t know of any other tool that gives you an interface to create them.

Kineo have created a SCORM report: http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/CONTRIB-1394 and a CPD reporting tool: http://projects.kineoopensource.com/projects/kos-cpd-report/wiki, that may fit the bill?

Thanks for the MOOMIS review. That’s saved me a job!

08/03/10 @ 20:19
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