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Comment from: Stephen Downes [Visitor]  
Stephen Downes

Where in the original definitions of ecosystem is everything tied to work?

It appears that you have simply taken some suff from work-management culture ("trying to do its job", “the work environment", “management and team culture") and shoehorned it into a vocabulary of ecosystems.

But the items you have highlighted ("trying to do its job", “the work environment", “management and team culture") have nothing to do with ecosystems, have no analogue in ecosystems.

15/01/10 @ 02:23
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for picking me up on these. I need dialogue to try to refine my thinking in this area.

You’re right that the original definitions of ecosystem mention nothing about work, but they do talk about individual organisms. These organisms follow rules of survival (that’s highly simplified I know).

My argument is that in a work environment (ie. the situation in which we find ourselves when we do stuff for which other people give us rewards) we are organisms also following simple rules of survival; do the job, get paid, have time for other things outside of work.

I know you have to be careful with using analogies; not to take them too far. But I’m not sure why you seem to be saying that you can’t use ecosystem as an analogy to help us understand learning at work?

15/01/10 @ 16:23
Comment from: vijay grover [Visitor]  
vijay grover

there is one basic difference between ecosystem and man designed systems, that former are naturally compatible where as latter are rarely so. And if we exercise too much control it looses its basic nature of being an ecosystem. I think still a long way to go before the term can be crystallize in form of its constructs. Anyway it has initiated a new idea to ponder upon.

12/09/10 @ 14:25
Comment from: Ethnie Miller Simpson [Visitor]
Ethnie Miller Simpson

I think you are on to something here and it is worth exploring. I recently stumbled on this idea and think it can provide a framework for a 21st Century learning model; especially one that integrates with branding and marketing. Let’s talk some more.

02/06/12 @ 16:41
Comment from: David Grebow [Visitor]
David Grebow

Hi Mark, I wonder if we’re (as usual) trying too hard. I’ve studied natural ecosystems and human copies (e.g. Chinese hill & pond farming) and the idea of ‘ecosystem’ tends to be used with self-sustaining closed environments. Not sure if education fits that model.

14/11/12 @ 18:26
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

You’ve got a valid point David. I would probably agree with you, but still think that the “idea” of an ecosystem (although perhaps not its true definition) is probably a useful one in the workplace context.

14/11/12 @ 22:11
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