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Comment from: Prof. Laurie THOMAS [Visitor]  
Prof. Laurie THOMAS

I wonder whether you have identified the source of the scientific term

If not let me point you towards our books - “Learning Conversations:-
The Self-Organised Learning Way to Personal and Organisational Growth” Published by ROUTLEDGE 1991
“Self-Organised Learning:- Foundations of a Conversational Science for Psycholog ” 1985
“Learning to change” in the McGraw-Hill Training Series 1995 there are over 40 Ph.D theses in Brunel University Library which all contributed to the development of S-O-L and Learning Conversations. It seems a pity that you are unable to acknowledge this resource. Or if you do. We would welcome more explicit acknowledgement. Or find you own terminology, rather than debasing ours. Thank you!

25/07/12 @ 19:52
Comment from: sihin [Visitor]

You can find the second hand copies of the “Self-Organized learning” on amazon. You can also find 2nd hand copies of “Learning to Change” and “Learning Conversation” books. But they are more expensive than the first one.

14/08/12 @ 08:45
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