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Comment from: jyaxley [Member]

WOW! Mark - excellent training!! Thanks a million

21/06/07 @ 06:14
Comment from: Paul Harrington [Visitor]  
Paul Harrington

Hey Mark - Happy New Year and thanks for the shout out - I intend to keep posting on issues relating to Primary and some Secondary Education in 2008 :-)

Paul H

01/01/08 @ 09:58
Comment from: Doug Belshaw [Visitor]  
Doug Belshaw

Happy New Year Mark! Thanks for the link, although the blog will be moving soon. Full details to follow… :-)

01/01/08 @ 17:24
Comment from: berthelemy [Member]  

Thanks Doug, Paul - I should note that this article was written back in June 2007 (to meet the publisher’s requirements) - so some of the links may not work or people will have moved roles…

02/01/08 @ 04:40
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