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Video trailer - web2.0 in the classroom

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Via Jason Rhode. Brilliant video trailer from Alec Couros. I can see myself using this as part of a lot of what I do. [youtube]vVbO2q0ZSok[/youtube] more »

Learning Conversations Blogroll

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Thanks to Euan I've discovered that Google Reader now lets you publish a list of the blogs you read in a particular folder. Brilliant - now I can show you my personal A-list of blogs & other sources. You'll have to come to the site and look down t… more »

e-Learning 4 empowerment

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Anamaria Camargo, a fellow student on the Hull University Masters in elearning has started a blog: e-learning 4 empowerment. She's looking at issues related to Education, e-Learning and the possible contributions that these areas may bring to developi… more »

The Learning Circuits Blog: How would the world have evolved if everyone assumed training was just about worthless? Like it has!

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...look at how companies train where the training really matters (life/death) - they all do simulations of some sort. Just picked this up from a comment on a post by Clark Aldrich. It made me think... more »

Harold Jarche » Industrial Schooling in Contravention of the UN

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Harold Jarche is alleging (time to be careful here over language I think...) that New Brunswick is contravening the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It's a powerful statement - and one with which I have a lot of sympathy. The key point for… more »
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